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Sep. 30, 2012 -- Updated: May 2013

Photograph of Brodie  Brodie

Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie
Photograph of Brodie

Brodie - Malamute for adoption

Updated: 2015

Brodie has been moved into the AMHL long-term foster care program.

Updated: May 2013

Brodie is a very handsome sable and white, longer coated, male Malamute who is currently in AMHL foster care in Eastern Ontario.

The shelter estimated him to be 3 years of age, but we think he could be a year or so older. He is still underweight at 89 pounds; a lean healthy weight for Brodie would be between 95-100 pounds.

Brodie has been in rescue since the Fall of 2012, where his foster home has been dealing with a few health issues (underweight, UTI, parasites and partial block that may have been the cause of an over active pancreas). His follow up blood work is scheduled for early June. An ultrasound in early May indicated an enlarged prostate and Brodie has recently been neutered. Ultrasound also indicated two, small, under-developed kidneys that his Vet determined to be congenital, rather than due to a disease process. According to Brodie's Vet, although he has many years ahead of him, because of his kidneys, his life span may be shorter than the average healthy Malamute. Brodie's medical history and records will be discussed in detail with interested applicants who have been approved to adopt a Malamute from the AMHL.

Brodie is house-trained (being an intact male for his first 6 months in foster care, he never even displayed marking behaviour).

He loves to be in the same room as "people" and will follow you to lay down several feet away. He has not been an active Malamute; very laid back, quiet and calm (a canine lazy boy!). Brodie is very affectionate; he loves meeting new people and getting belly rubs and will often come and sit beside you to get petted and talked to. He can be demanding by laying down and growling/grunting (talking at you) to come and rub his tummy. Although cute and funny, his foster home is trying not to reinforce this behaviour.

He is well behaved for his several visits to the Vet clinic. He has at times gotten grumpy and putting a muzzle on him settles him down immediately. He has not required a muzzle for nail clipping nor at times for blood work as long as you are firm with him.

He knows his commands; his "Stay" needs a bit of work. He does respect baby gates even though he could easily knock or push them aside as they just lean across doorways and stairways.

Brodie is highly intelligent and has a strong presence and personality. He does require an experienced Malamute owner that will set rules and boundaries and apply them consistently from the onset. He has that incredible sense of Malamute "fair play" we often see and love in the breed; so he will stand his ground and challenge any owner who applies rules inconsistently. An obedience class is recommended as a condition of adoption.

Brodie came into rescue suffering from severe food aggression. He is being rehabilitated in foster care. Initially his bowl was removed and he was hand fed for a few months. A food bowl has been introduced, but it is held with a portion of his meal being put in his bowl by hand toward the end of each meal. He is doing very well learning that people around a food bowl is for putting food inside, not taking it away and enjoys licking fingers inside his bowl.

Additional information from his foster home:

1. Brodie is extremely well behaved, most of the time. However, if you want him to do something that he doesn't want to do, he will challenge you. Although this is occurring with less vibrato, he is slowly learning he can't have his own way. We suspect he has learned that standing his ground and growling has gotten him his own way in the past. He would do best in a malamute experienced adult-only home.

2. Brodie is extremely affectionate and loving. He loves nothing more (except for food) than to have his tummy rubbed. His favourite activity is to curl up with you on the floor each evening for an hour or so.

3. Brodie can be very guardy of any food that falls on the floor, including drops of his drool! This is likely something any new adopter of Brodie will have to be aware of and contend with. Brodie is a confirmed "Counter Surfer" - so food must be kept out of reach!

4. He has learned to bring us his kongs, release them into our hands with "Drop it" and get it back with a treat inside. We have 3 kongs on the go. He knows when treat time is and if I'm working, it is not unusual for him to go get all 3 kongs, drop them at my feet beside my desk and sit and wait for me to pay attention!

5. Brodie loves to play and surprisingly is not at all guardy of any non-food related toys, such as his large rope toys, which he loves. He loves to play tug-of-war and we make sure he doesn't always win! He will bring them to initiate play and loves to be chased and chase you!

6. Brodie is a large Malamute and very strong! Initially he pulls very hard on leash and we are working on this. Once out on the road (or in the woods) walking, he does settle down into a nice easy (very easy!) waddle. He has always demonstrated a healthy prey drive for small (chipmunks) and large (deer) animals. Like most Malamutes, Brodie should never be allowed off leash and will require escape-proof fencing. Electronic fences are not sufficient for most malamutes, but in Brodie's case, they are definitely not appropriate.

7. Other dogs: He has met two of our other foster dogs, nose to nose, through his pen gate - no growling. Although Brodie shows interest by wagging, they typically ignore him. He has met a female husky down the road on walks a few times and seems very smitten with Gisele (as she is with him). These encounters are very brief and we end on a positive. He has met a very aggressive female, through the fence, and did not respond to the challenge - a good sign! He did lay down, roll over and excessively whine up at her. More on his interactions with other dogs later.

Recommendations for a new home

1. Brodie requires an experienced adult only home; no kids, cats, or small furry animals.

2. Brodie should be hand fed his meals before introducing a bowl again, to help him generalize what he has learned (that humans and human hands around his food is a good thing) and assist with his adjustment. Brodie should not be "free fed".

3. Taking Brodie to obedience class should be a condition of adoption.

4. Brodie is looking for a new home in Ontario as he is too large to be flown.

5. It is very important in a new home that rules be established and followed consistently as he struggles to adjust and find his place!

If you have never completed an application to adopt a malamute from the AMHL before, you can fill one out now at:

If you have already completed an application form, please send any questions about Brodie to: Ontario@MalamuteRescue.Com

Given that it is impossible to predict with complete accuracy how any dog will react in a given situation, without completeknowledge of its life experiences, the AMHL urges the adopter to exercise caution in introducing the dog tonew situations until the dog has become fully adjusted to its new environment and the adopter has had an opportunity to become familiar with the dog's unique personality.