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Malamutes Available for Adoption Across Canada

Some of the Malamutes we have for adoption are presented below. Please note that not all of the Malamutes available for adoption are listed here.

The AMHL adopts spayed/neutered Malamutes to individuals who have passed our screening process (references & home visit). To be approved to adopt a Malamute from the AMHL, please complete our online Application at: http://www.malamuterescue.com/rescuedb/app/adoptapp.php A Rescue Coordinator will contact you to explain the screening process.

Please Click on a Malamute's Name or Picture to see more information and pictures... 
Last updated May 2017

10 yr old female in Ontario
Contact: Ontario@Malamuterescue.com

5 month old male in Quebec
Contact: Quebec@Malamuterescue.com

4 yr old male in BC
Contact: Alberta@Malamuterescue.com

-Active - ready for adventures - loyal
3-4 yr old male Malamute in Ontario
Contact: Ontario@Malamuterescue.com
Moved into Long-Term Foster Care

3 yr old male malamute in Ontario
Contact: Anand@malamuterescue.com
Moved into Long-Term Foster Care

  List of pending adoptions

  List of adopted Malamutes
~5 yr old male in Ontario
Contact: Ontario@Malamuterescue.com

-Well socialized with dogs and people
9 yr old female Malamute in Ontario
Contact: Ontario@Malamuterescue.com

House dog & Companion

-Cuddle muffin

Visits with available Malamutes are by appointment only and are restricted to Approved Adopters.

Not all Rescue Dogs reach this list. In some cases we find an ideal match for a new dog from a list of waiting candidates. So if you are interested in adopting a malamute and you have carefully considered the commitment required, please take the time to pre-apply.

Please note that while the AMHL will not knowingly place a dog known to have dangerous temperament or behaviour problems, it is impossible to predict with complete accuracy how any dog will react in a given situation, especially without complete knowledge of its life experiences.

The AMHL urges the adopter to exercise caution in introducing the dog to new situations until the dog has become fully adjusted to its new environment, and the adopter has had an opportunity to become familiar with the dog's unique personality.

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