photo by Mark SturtzOur annual group Pac'N'Pull photo...
These are some of the 120 people who made this weekend so successful.

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Location: Malamute Saloon, Havelock, Ontario
Fall Hike: Sept 27 - 28 , 2007
Pac'N'Pull: Sept.39 - 30, 2007
Location: Malamute Saloon

Fall Hike: P'N'P weekend kicks off with a 10-mile round trip overnight hike and campout. An opportunity for to earn a leg toward your Working Pack Dog certfication. All breed are welcome. Must bepre-booked, so we don't leave without you!
P'N'P: Planned events: Agility Game, Fun All-Breed Conformation Match, Weight Pull, CGC Test , Raffles, Auction, BBQ, Bonfire. (See the flyer/registeration from for details)

Events Title
fall hike: Sept 27-28,2007
P'N'P: Sept.29 - 30, 2007
malamute saloon, Havelock, ON
register or pre-book:
Yes! (see form)
Roger Wigley
905/ 571-0788
705-877-3201 Wintertrail
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