Foster homes are our most treasured resources.
Can you help? We have Malamutes running out of time who need foster homes. Please consider Registering as an AMHL Foster Home. Together, we can save lives!

The Alaskan Malamute Help League (AMHL) does not have a shelter. The number of Malamutes we can save from euthanasia is limited only by the number of foster homes we have across Canada.

With the Canadian economy so uncertain, making a life time commitment to adopt a Malamute, or adopt that 2nd dog as needed companion, is not an easy decision for responsible dog owners to make today. The AMHL can offer an alternative -- become an AMHL Foster Home to a homeless Malamute.

Whether or not you are presently a Malamute owner, love the breed but cannot afford a dog, not sure about making such a commitment, or are a healthy senior looking for the company of another senior for a short-term, our experienced Provincial Rescue Coordinators will carefully match you with a needy Malamute based on your environment, life-style, preferences, experience, and other animals in your home. The AMHL will cover food, routine annual health care, and all dogs in rescue are spayed/neutered and microchipped at AMHL expense.

Foster homes are the life line for many Malamutes who have run out of time in shelters across Canada. If you have room in your heart and home, please consider fostering a Malamute during the adoption process.

Foster Facts ...

Not everyone may get a Malamute to foster immediately -- Our Rescue Coordinators carefully match Malamutes needing foster care with your home, life-style and preferences. View the matching preferences we consider before we call you!

Malamutes needing foster care are all unique -- Older Malamutes just need a corner in an otherwise busy home; may follow you and want to watch TV with you, be let outside a few times a day or go for a slow leisurely walk to the corner and back.

Some neglected Malamutes of any age are timid and fearful and need a calm quiet home without kids running and yelling, while they learn to trust again.

Some Malamutes can live with other dogs, kids, and even cats! Some can only live with other dogs of the opposite gender, while others must be the only dog.

Younger Malamutes require an active foster home. They will go jogging with you, get you in shape with brisk walks, and bike with you. They need to work and to burn off their high energy!

A few Malamutes require an experienced foster parent -- A few troubled Malamutes require an experienced home able to provide structure, rules, and consistency in a very positive and non-challenging environment.

If you are not an approved AMHL Foster Home, please consider Registering today!

Our Commitment

To our Foster Homes...

  • The AMHL will pay for all routine and approved Vet expenses.
  • The AMHL will pay for dog food for your foster Malamute.
  • Courtesy AMHL membership, including a subscription to The Howler, is provided to all Foster Homes.
  • The AMHL will provide support for any training.
  • A Rescue Coordinator will be assigned to you to answer questions and provide assistance.
  • The AMHL will transport a foster dog to your home - and from your home upon adoption, or if you can no longer foster.
  • As the Foster Home to a Malamute in rescue, your opinion counts! We recognize and respect that you know the Malamute best.
  • Your privacy is respected. Only screened and approved adopters who are a good fit with your foster dog are allowed to meet your foster dog -- by appointment and at your convenience!
Not able to foster a Malamute but want to help? Become a member of the AMHL! We couldn't rescue Malamutes without the financial help through memberships to help us feed and care for them through the adoption process. You might also consider sponsoring a Malamute in our Permanent Care program described below!

Permanent Foster Care Program

Occasionally we have in rescue dogs that for various reasons have very limited adoptive prospects. You can "Sponsor" these dogs by contributing financially toward their care and we will provide the physical care in loving foster homes.
(Read more about the Permanent Foster Care Program...)

Click on the PayPal link above or use our Sponsor Form to help a dog in permanent foster care! Any amount will make a difference in their lives.

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