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Hiking & Pack Dog Activities:

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AMHL working dog Programs (This Activity)

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AMHL Spring Hike and Campout

AMHL PacNPull Campout and Hike

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WPD - Working Pack Dog 

WPD Requirements

For a Working Pack Dog title, the packing requirements must be spread out over at least two trips, and must be on natural terrain, such as hiking trails or cross-country. The dog must carry a weight equal to at least 30% of its own weight. You can choose between a total distance of 30 miles, including one overnight campout, or 40 miles, with each trip a minimum of 10 miles, as outlined below.

The dog must carry a daily initial weight equal to a minimum of 30% of its own weight. This weight shall not decrease except by normal consumption of items such as food or water.

Option 1: The dog must pack for a minimum of 30 miles. Each trip must be at least 10 miles per day or an overnight camp out with a 5 miles in and 5 miles out. At least one trip must include an overnight camp out.

    Option 2: The dog must pack for a minimum of 40 miles. Each trip must be at least 10 miles per day.

  • Elevation gain may be substituted for mileage at the rate of 1,000 feet of elevation being equivalent to 1 mile of flat terrain. Elevation gain will be calculated as the difference between the highest and lowest points of the trip.
  • Packing requirements shall be spread out over a minimum of 2 trips.
  • An impartial witness must sign the form, verifying proof of distance and dog(s) competing.

    Owners of dogs wishing to earn a working title in backpacking can click here to obtain the appropriate application form

Dog Excellent (WDX) Program:

    For dogs and owners who are looking for a little more challenge, the HELP League also has a Working Dog Excellent (WDX) Program, consisting of the same areas of endeavour but with more exacting requirements in each. The titles are WTDX, WLDX, WWPDX and WPDX.

    The WD level requires some training and conditioning but should be attainable by any sound and healthy dog. The WDX was created to recognize a significantly higher level of achievement and would not be possible for a dog who does not possess a good attitude and physical abilities. For information on the WDX requirements, click here.


It is the responsibility of dog owners to make sure that their dogs are sufficiently trained and conditioned and that they pose no hazard to the health or welfare of themselves or other dogs and people participating in the event. Any dog or team proven a hazard to other participants at an event will be disqualified from certification. Any driver/handler who displays poor sportsmanship or abuses his dogs will be disqualified from certification. 

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to obtain and mail all the necessary documents, signatures and otherwise complete all requirements to get their dogs certified by the HELP League. 
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