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Our Policies: 

If it looks like a Malamute and has brown eyes, it is a Malamute. We do not ask proof that a Mal is a registered purebred prior to accepting it into our care. In the case of registered purebreds, we ask that registered ownership be transferred to the HELP League. It will be transferred to the new owners after placement. 

  • Every dog accepted into our care and adopted must be spayed or neutered before they leave for their new home. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if, as occasionally happens, the dog is adopted by a HELP League volunteer. 
  • All dogs are microchipped prior to placement. 
  • All dogs must be physically and mentally sound when they are adopted. This does not preclude adoption for dogs with minor, treatable problems which do not pose a threat to the community or have a negative impact on the dog's quality of life. In those cases, adoptive families will be made fully aware of the problem and any associated costs, and will be offered information and moral support to help live with it. 

   We ask that any dogs placed in new homes by their owners with assistance from the HELP League meet the conditions outlined above. Any adoptive family who, for any reason, is unable to keep their new dog, must return that dog to the HELP League. 

  • Any dog who is taken into care and who demonstrates major health, temperament or behaviour problems will be evaluated for a period of one month. After that time, a decision will be made as to whether or not the dog has good potential to meet our standards for adoption. The only exception will be for those few dogs whose problems are so severe that community safety is compromised, or the dog's quality of life is unacceptable, or there is no hope for recovery and/or rehabilitation.

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